Video Thumbnail - 991 Apple CarPlay Hack


DIY Video

I love this mod!! Having had Apple CarPlay in nearly every rental car and personal car now for the past few years, I was really disappointed to find the Porsche 991.1 PCM didn't support it. Thanks to this component / hack / magic little box of awesomeness from a company called Joyeauto, not only can you install CarPlay seamlessly within your Porsche OEM PCM 3.1 unit... you can make it WIRELESS!! Talk about being able to have your cake and eat it too. Unfortunately the installation instructions are pretty poor and there are next to no (good) online resources to help you out... until NOW!!

In this video, I give you a step by step guide to doing the job yourself.

You'll need just a few tools and a LOT of patience...

- Trim removal tools

- T8 Torx screwdriver

- Flathead screwdriver (SMALL)

- Tweezers

- Microfiber towels (for protection)

If you have any questions, if you're thinking about this mod or trying it out yourself, please leave a comment below or email me at:

Note: This job will most likely VOID any warranties you have with Porsche or 3rd parties on your PCM unit / audio system. Attempt this job at your own risk.

Here are the links to the manufacturer and the online store I purchased it from:



Video Thumbnail - 991 Carbon Fiber Dash


DIY Video

I have been warned that a carbon fiber habit can become an expensive one and it's true. Thankfully though, while this dash trim kit usually goes for $1600+ I picked it up for less than $500. 

In this video I remove the stock OEM trim and replace it with this carbon fiber trim. The video includes an overview of the job plus a step-by-step guide to follow, if you're trying to attempt this too. Enjoy and I hope this is useful!