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With over 50 years of the Porsche 911 and 8 generations, which one do you choose first? Is there such a thing as an entry level 911? What's different between the 997 and the 911?

I often get asked about the differences between the generations of 911 and it is one my favorite topics to discuss. To many a casual eye, a 911 is a 911 is a 911. Ok, like all cars they look more modern through the years but they're essentially all just 911s, right? WRONG. 

Porsche enthusiasts and car enthusiasts alike know that every generation of 911 is an evolution upon the previous. Every generation of 911 breaks new ground, even if aesthetically it's subtle or not obvious at all. Every 911 gives its owner a different driving experience, each provides its own flavor of legendary.

On this site and through my YouTube videos, I continually explore and describe my understanding of the differences between the generations of 911. Right now you can watch 996 vs. 997, 997 vs. 991, 991 vs. 992. I also have videos that explore some of the differences between the generations such as the 997.1 vs. the 997.2. There is so much to explore and so much to talk about... I have many more comparison videos coming in 2020. Tune in and chime in!

911 Comparisons: Resources
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