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Porsche Memory Module by T-Design USA

Porsche Memory Module by T-Design USA


As seen in the AutoAmateur 'Memory Mod' DIY Video!


This T-Design device is a simple plug-and-play module for the 991, 981, 718 and Cayenne models that have the function buttons in the center console such as Sport, PSE, etc. It remembers the state of Sport, Sport+, A/S/S, PSE and your Spoiler.


With the T-Design Memory Module you don't have to press same buttons over and over every time you start the car. When you turn your car on, the previous settings are recalled. 


- Remembers the last setting for: Auto/Start/Stop, PSE, Sport, Sport+, Spoiler
- Install in under 10 minutes

- Completely seamless / invisible (inside the center console)
- Can be uninstalled just as easily
- Designed and made in the USA