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A unique version of this revolutionary 996 generation of the Porsche

As a boy, my dream was to one day own a sports car. This dream became a desire for the Porsche 911. It took nearly 40 years to own my first 911 and that was a 996. 

Since then I have been fortunate enough to experience 997 and 991 ownership but I've always held a soft spot for the 996. As my Porsche ownership and driving experience has unfolded over the past few years, maintaining and modifying my 911s has become part of the passion.

With two friends, a lot of hard work and patience (and just a few set backs) we have taken sliver 2002 Porsche 911 996 that has seen a lot of road over its 20 years, to create a unique version of this revolutionary generation of the Porsche 911.

Scroll down to meet the team - James, Patrick and Steve.

Tune in to the AutoAmateur YouTube channel where you can find videos that cover all aspects of Project, from the planning and design, the work performed on the 996 all the way to the final result. This is Project 996.

Project 996: Welcome


The ups, downs and current status of Project 996


The project car is a 2002 911 (996.2) Carrera 2 coupe with a manual transmission and factory 3.6l flat-6 engine that puts out just over 300 bhp.

With 170k miles on the clock, hail damage over a lot of the body and a broken transmission housing - the car had been driven, but had seen better days. 


To date, the Project 996 team has completed the following jobs:


  • Paint. Complete paint repair and recolor from OEM Arctic Silver to a near-OEM Bali Blue. Every panel, under panel, door jamb, engine bay. Transformation not restoration.

  • Plastic Trim. Faded black plastic restored using 3rd party products.

  • Spoiler. Factory automatic deck-lid replaced with a fixed Duck Tail spoiler.

  • Headlights. One restored (from yellow / cloudy to a clear lens), one replaced.

  • Wheels. 19in 'Fuchs' style Porsche rims with new all season tires.

  • Exhaust. 'Fister' sports exhaust mufflers from FD Motorsports.

  • Exhaust. Sports Cars from Soul Performance Products.

  • Exhaust Tips. Refinished OEM Carrera tips in satin black (powder coated).

Engine / Mechanical

  • Transmission. Original broken transmission replaced by Porsche Minneapolis with used sourced replacement.

  • Engine. Original casing cracked, replaced by Porsche Minneapolis with refurbished certified OEM engine.

  • Brakes, Pads, Rotors. Full disassembly, cleaning, inspection, replacement of perishable parts (seals, gaskets) and rebuild.

  • Brake Calipers. Powder-coated a vibrant orange to contrast with the new Bali Blue paint color.

  • Fluids. Engine oil, transmission, coolant and brakes flushed and refreshed.

  • Air filters (engine and cabin).

  • OEM Battery replaced with new 'anti-gravity' battery.

  • Suspension. Lower control arms and forward struts replaced with new OEM parts.


  • Seatbelts. Factory black belts replaced with deviated blue to match the exterior (with factory parts untouched / intact).

  • Instrument Cluster. Custom designed tach / rev counter face in blue to compliment the exterior.

  • Center Console. Extra legroom provided by performing the factory PEM "GT3 Console Delete" with OEM parts.

  • Gear Shifter. Factory standard shifter replaced with OEM Turbo short-shift kit (SSK).

  • Seats. Leather bolsters replaced on both driver and passenger seats, matching the factory leather.

  • Seats. 4 inches of extra leg room provided with custom chair rails, using the OEM factory seats.


Engine / Mechanical

  • None. All jobs complete.


  • Hand / E-Brake. New housing inside the center console needed.

  • Other candidates under consideration: Deviated seat centers (front and rear); Removal of rear window wiper.


The plan is simple... DRIVE TIME!

Project 996: FAQ
Project 996: Pro Gallery


Putting the 'Amateur' in AutoAmateur

Since starting Auto Amateur in 2016, James has worked his way through many different mods and maintenance jobs on his 996, 997 and 991. Fumbling a few, learning something new from each. Project 996 represents an exciting opportunity to apply what he has learned so far, tackle new challenges with a couple of great friends and share the journey with other like-minded car enthusiasts who want to come along for the ride.

Porsche ownership: 2002 996.2 C4 (Tip), 2006 997.1 C2 (Man), 2013 991.1 C2 (PDK)

Project 996: About
Patrick Headshot.jpg


"Lucky Charms" and "Wing Man"

My background is Design and Engineering and have always felt that Porsche was the embodiment of both. From an early age, I have always wanted to own a 911. It wasn’t until I fulfilled my lifelong dream of ownership that I fully understood what that desire represented. My list of Porsches may be short but I have learned a great deal from them both. Project 996 represents an opportunity for me to apply some of that knowledge I have learned, but also learn more about this amazing car. This rebuild is going to be something to remember and I look forward to having a great time with two friends I may have never met had it not been for my Porsche. I don't know where this journey will lead us, but I know it is going to be a great time.

Porsche ownership: 2002 996.1 C2 (Tip), 2006 997.1 C4 (Man)

Project 996: About


"Fire Starter" and "Scuba Steve"

I got hooked on Porsche’s about four years ago when a buddy of mine took me for a ride in his 986 S. One week later, I flew out to Chicago and bought one of my own. I have always been a do-it-yourself type of guy and I have a mechanical background, so jumping in on Project 996 is a no-brainer! My main duty will be to keep James from getting too close to the car with knives.

Porsche ownership: 2001 Boxster S (Manual)

Steve - Project 996
Project 996: About
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Project 996: Image
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