Confessions of a Carbon Fiber Addict

Someone (many people) once told me that an interest in carbon fiber (CF) trim quickly becomes an addiction, more it becomes a quickly expensive addiction.

I wouldn't say I dream of CF upgrades for my Porsche 911 at night or it's always top of mind, but I'm certainly reaching a point where I need some objective advice from friends to help me draw a line at the point where enough is enough. Maybe I'm at that line already, but as far as I'm concerned not yet... but I'm getting close.

So far I have installed several CF trim pieces to my car, each documented in DIY videos on my YouTube channel. Here's a quick run down of everything I've done so far and what else is on my wish list...

Sports Chrono Housing - Aftermarket part in OEM Porsche CF finish/style from MACarbon

Door Sills - OEM Porsche parts from

Dash Trim - OEM Porsche parts from

Up next... what do you think of these ideas?

Center Console Trim (OEM) from

Door Handle Inserts (Aftermarket) from

Airbag Door Spears (Aftermarket) from