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It's simple, the 992 absolutely ROCKS.

It’s 992 time! So far this year I have had the pleasure to check out a couple of the latest Porsche 911s... the 992. One, a guards red Carrera 4S. The other, a carmine red Carrera 4S with the full factory aerokit. Both of them are absolutely, completely and utterly unreal.

For the longest time, ever since images of the 992 were first leaked online over a year ago, I was very much against the evolution of the 922’s look and style. I thought that this 8th generation of the 911 had gone too far - too much like the Panamera, too technology focused, too angular, just too much. All I took was to see the car in the flesh for the first time to immediately eat my words. I was wrong. Porsche have gone and done it again - THEY NAILED IT.

Here are two videos that feature the guards red Carrera 4S. The first a walk around and drive. The second a side-by-side comparison of the 991 and the 992 in the AutoAmateur garage.

Initial Preview and Driving the 992 Carrera 4S

Porsche 911 Side-by-Side - 991 vs. 992 - Design and Style

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