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The dream of the Porsche 993 - the last of the air-cooled

Recently I was lucky enough to get a few friends together to take a drive through the fading fall colors with a Porsche 993, 991 S and 981 Cayman GTS. What a trio!!

You will probably be amazed by how much smaller the 993 is compared to newer generations of 911. You can really see this in the drone footage. I was blown away! I knew the 996 and 997 got a little bigger, then the 991 got a little bigger again... but WOW! Then there is 981 Cayman... I knew it was going to be smaller inside the cabin that my 991... but this much smaller. It's 'clown car' funny as I attempt to get inside Clay's 981 GTS... Check out my video here.

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